Verduno D.O.C.

Verduno DOC is a small appellation west of Alba in the Langhe area of Piemonte. The Verduno Pelaverga grape has a somewhat mysterious past. Verduno Pelaverga has gone by many names including Pelaverga, Pelaverga Piccolo, Carola, Fra Germano and Taddone. For many years Verduno Pelaverga was thought to have been Pelaverga brought from the Saluzzo hills at the beginning of the 18th century, by Beato Valfrè, a priest from Verduno who was chaplain to the royal court of King Vittorio Amedeo II.

In the mid 1980’s, an in-depth study, showed considerable differences between the Saluzzo Perlaverga and the Pelaverga grown in Verduno and surrounding areas. The differences were large enough to give the Verduno Pelaverga the name Pelaverga Piccolo. Then in in 1995, Verduno Pelaverga was awarded DOC status.

Verduno Pelaverga is a dry, velvety and well-balanced wine with distinct features. It is light in color hues of ruby, pink and purple. Its bouquet is intense, sensuous, fragrant, with notes of freshly ground pepper and exotic spices. It is best enjoyed young with antipasta dishes, like Carpaccio or Vitello Tonnato, vegetable flans or with pasta like Tajarin, Agnolotti, Gnocchi and risotto. It also can be enjoyed with some fish dishes and lighter ethnic cuisines.

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