Liguria is a picturesque region with breathtaking views of beautiful riviera beaches and mountains dotted with small towns, farms and vineyards. Liguria does not produce as much wine as other Italian regions. They have the second lowest out­put of any region; mainly because the region is small and there is not very much flat land. Many vineyards and estates are planted on the slopes of steep mountains and seaside cliffs. Also, many varietals have difficulty growing in the salty sea winds and rocky limestone soil.

Liguria's advantages are that the slopes and mountain peaks protect the grapes near the sea from the coldest winter winds blowing down from the Alps. Also, their limestone soil is particularly good for white grapes, which acquire mineral flavors.

Liguria is well known for its white wines but also has some light and fresh red wines that pair with it's seafood and herb driven cuisine. Liguria specializes in local vines and there are about 100 different varieties. Some popular varietals are Pigato, Vermentino, Rosesse & Ormeasco.

In the Cinque Terre, the soil is constantly battered by harsh, salty sea winds. The mountains and cliffs can be quite dry in the hot summer but these conditions favor fruit maturation and higher sugar content in the grapes. So, it's no wonder that Cinque Terre is known for its sweet Sciacchetrà.

Liguria exports some wines to Europe, the U.S. and other countries but some Ligurian wines, like Buzzetto, rarely leave Liguria. The place to drink Ligurian wine is in Liguria -- preferably at an outdoor cafe, in a temperate Riviera breeze, at one of the resort villages.

Buzzetto, lumassina and pigato Buzzetto are produced with grapes that are not perfectly mature, in dialect "buzze" (from which it takes the name). From the sourish taste one of the most famous wines between those products in province of Savona. Lumassina. From the delicate taste and delicate Pigato. Valuable, from the intense and persistent aroma and the dry and fresh taste. produced in small quantities and very difficult to find outside this area.

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