Gavi D.O.C.G.

"Gavi" [GAH-vee] or "Cortese di Gavi" DOCG is located in the Piemonte region in the Province of Alessandria. The name derives from Gavi, the town at the centre of its production zone. Gavi is made exclusively from Cortese grapes and should be crisp with floral, citrus & stone fruit, aromatic qualities. The wines are best enjoyed young.

Gavi DOCG, was recognised as a DOC by a decree of the President of the Republic of June 26th 1974 and then a DOCG DECREE 9/07/1998 (and modified by DECREE 12/03/2001). Gavi DOCG is reserved for white wines which meet the conditions and requirements laid down in the present production regulations.

These wines are the following:

"Gavi" or "Cortese di Gavi" still;
"Gavi" or "Cortese di Gavi" semi-sparkling;
"Gavi" or "Cortese di Gavi" sparkling [Metodo Italiano (Charmat process)].

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