Lagrein [lah-GRAYN]

Lagrein is a red wine grape variety native to the valleys of northern Italy in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region, north of Bolzano, near the border with Austria. Along with Marzemino.

Lagrein is used to make deep, dark reds (known as Lagrein Dunkel or Lagrein Scuro) and rosés (called Lagrein Kretzer or Lagrein Rosato). The rosés are considered to be some of Italy's best; the reds can have wonderful chocolaty nuances and rich fruit flavors. A small amount of Lagrein is used to bolster the schiava grape in the doc wines of santa maddalena.

Lagrein is also known as Lagrain and Lagarino. It is a descendant of Teroldego, and related to Syrah, Pinot noir and Dureza. The name suggests its origins lie in the Lagarina valley of Trentino. It was mentioned as early as in the 17th century, in records of the Muri Benedictine monastery near Bolzano

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