Many possible Bouquets / Tasting notes: black cherry, black berry, raspberries, black plum, licorice, truffles, tar, cedar, tobacco, chocolate

Body: rich, complex, medium bodied, pleasant acidity and stong tannins.

Color: Medium dark ruby red (often similar to Pinot Noir)

Pairings: Steak, Italian cheeses, truffle dishes

Side notes: Nebbiolo means the 'Foggy One'. There are 2 possible origins of the name nebbiolo. When nebbiolo grapes are ripe they have a "foggy" or "frosted" look, so the name could come from from "nebbia", Italian for "fog". It is an alternative possibility that the name simply comes from "nobile", Italian for "noble". Nebbiolo is mainly grown Piemonte Italy with some of the more famous wines coming from Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo also goes by the names Spanna, Picutener and Chiavennasca in various Italian districts.

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