Colli Berici D.O.C.

Rising from the plain land in the province of Vicenza (in the Northern Italian region of Veneto), "i colli Berici", a range of gently rolling hills, are now an established DOC area comprising various wines: from Chardonnay and Garganega to Cabernet Franc and Tocai Rosso.

The microclimate is so mild that olives and oleanders flourish in the area. Environmental conditions are so favorable that vines grow lushly in the district and documents of the 13th century repeatedly observed that the hills were covered with vineyards.

The Colli Berici Denominazione di Origine Controllata discipline applies to eight different wines obtained from as many varieties, some traditional to the zone, others introduced after the phylloxera epidemic of the last century. Among them, the Tocai Rosso deserves special mention. It appears that it was introduced into the district from Hungary during the period in which the northeastern part of Italy was subject to the rule of Maria Theresa. However, the variety most widely diffused in the Colli Berici is the Garganega, followed by Merlot, which, in recent years, has expanded considerably so that it seems destined to surpass Tocai Rosso.

Altogether, the wines of the Colli Berici are going through a highly positive period. Production is increasing at every harvest and the wines are selling well both on the domestic and the international markets.

If you are looking for an excuse to visit the area, a local wine festival is usually held on the third Sunday of September. There us also the Fiera di Santa Caterina which takes place towards the end of November. Not too far away there is the national fair of nouveau wines, which takes place within the Vicenza Fair.

Vine variety requirements for this appellation's area change according to type.

Garganega, 50%; Pinot bianco and/or Pinot grigio and/or Chardonnay and/or Sauvignon, up to 50%.

Cabernet franc and/or Cabernet sauvignon, 100%.

Merlot, 100%.

Garganega, 90%; Trebbiano di Soave, up to 10%.

Tocai Italico and Sauvignon: variety indicated in the type name, 90%; Garganega, up to 10%.

Pinot bianco, 85%; Pinot grigio, up to 15%.

Chardonnay, 85%; Pinot bianco, up to 15%.

Tocai rosso, 85%; Garganega, up to 15%.

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